31.10.2011. – A public announcement

About the presentation of one more evidence of how much the Bosnian and Herzegovinian politicians are apt to deception

 The Bosnian Party is presenting the public another evidence of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian ruling politicians’ tendency towards deception; in order to satisfy their passion and appetites at the citizens’ expense.

The SDP vice president’s (the Tuzla mayor’s – Mr. Jasmin Imamović’s) narcissism and his obsession with kings, and the realization of the bizarre erection of the monument to king Tvrtko and his horse, proves how much the power can go to an SDP man’s head.

Refuting the councilor Mr. Mirnes Ajanović’s statement, by which Mr. Ajanović has warned that it was inappropriate to give the funds for the erection of a monument to a king and a horse, when the citizens eke out an existence; Mr. Jasmin Imamović said, quote: “(To make) something that may cost up to half a million marks with only 50 000 (convertible) marks, is what the administration with good ideas do – find a donor, sponsors and not harm the city.” end of quote, (The meeting of the Municipal Council of February 15th 2011).

The budget plan for fiscal 2012, in which under the capital investments there are, besides the KM 50 000, additional KM 200 000 for the erection of the royal monument, speaks enough of Mr. Imamović’s and SDP’s fight for the country and a man.

October 31st 2011