on the reactions to the World Press Freedom Day


 The reactions presented in the media, the reactions from the politicians and the international officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day have not shown the real situation in which the media freedom and the freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Convention on Human Rights currently are.

The journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina have become completely dependent on the ruling politicians and their associates, as the majority of the journalists are barely subsisting, and are under risk of losing their jobs if they dare to present any critical review of the work of the ruling ‘six’ or present a critical review by the independent opposition.

The result of such condition is the absolute threat to the freedom of media, in other words thwarting the journalists to, according to their professional duty, criticize the work of the ruling politicians, and on the other side totally block the work of the independent opposition, to make the impression that the opposition does not even exist; in order to keep the ruling oligarchies in power, is alerting the president of the BOSS – Mr. Mirnes Ajanović.