06.10.2011. – The press conference report

on the past post-electoral year

Slika_3The past post-electoral year has been proving that the ruling national-communist coalition is ready for all kinds of abuse and deceit, and that all the members of the coalition are uninterested to solve the difficult political and economic crisis in which the country and the citizens are, because of their struggle for high positions and achievement of personal interests.

Besides the fact that the majority of people merely survive, that the difficult position in which the workers are has been concealed from the public, that there are daily threats of massive lay-offs; there is also disregard of the reasonable requests of the police officers, which proves that the present government jeopardizes even the safety of the citizens.

The president of the BOSS, Mr. Mirnes Ajanović is warning that the new protests from the deceived police officers, who are forced to go out to the streets to defend their rights, which are guaranteed by the Law on the police officers and the Law on the salaries of state officials, further prove the negligence of the ruling coalition.

No ruling politician has right to justify his/her inaction, incompetence and the threat to the safety of the citizens by the alleged lack of financial assets, especially because of the too high salaries of all those who make decisions about how much money they will take for themselves from the budget.

October 06th 2011