On the ocassion of a continuing political crisis endangering citizens’ existence and an unprecedented political prostitution of the elected officials

The president of BOSS (Bosnian political party) Mirnes Ajanovic is warning that a grave political crisis in the Federation of BiH has completely unveiled the political prostitution of the elected officials on all levels in BiH. It is palpable that none of the legislative and executive authority elected officials is not concerned with citizens’ interests and the country and that their political struggle converted into a torrid contest for several hundred thousand convertible marks for disbanding or assembling the authority. It is outrageous to tolerate an absolute political immorality of all those who, blinded by armchair contest and a personal political influence, neglect a grave economic situation in which the citizens live at the existence edge. The president of BOSS Mirnes Ajanovic is warning that the continuation of political crisis in BiH obliges all opposition parties, nongovernment organizations, workers unions and retirees organizations as well as the media to conduct an active participation aimed at hindering a further endangering of the citizens and the country.

June 26th , 2012