on the ocassion of  the ruling parties manipulation aimed at diverting the attention away from citizens’ existence issues

Multiple months of political dalliances pertaining to (not) adopting BiH budget prove an intolerable political manipulation of the ruling political parties aimed at diverting the attention away from a grave existential situation that the citizens are steeped into. The cognition of an absolute citizens’ dissatisfaction due to a lousy SDA (democratic action political party)- SDP (social-democratic political party), which culminated in a public warning protest of the rights- deprived workers, prove that the ruling parties in cooperation with regime media projected a divergence and bigotry with the coalition platformers. The BOSS (Bosnian political party) president Mirnes Ajanovic warns that, as palpably conscious of a contingent retribution of the deceived voters on the forthcoming elections, as well as due to creating an unnatural national-socialistic coalition- SDA and SDP itself, they are attempting to preserve their dissatisfied voters by a novel pre-election deceit and by a projected alleged conflict over BiH budget, so as to engage the citizens in an immoral political soap opera even in the succeeding period until elections.

June, 1st 2012