01.09.2011. – A public announcement





about the radicalization of the totalitarian politics of the SDP BiH, preventing the citizens to have timely, complete and objective insight into the work of the elected officials and legislative institutions.

The president of the BOSS – the Bosnian party, Mr. Mirnes Ajanović, is presenting the international and domestic public the proof which uncovers the totalitarian activity of the SDP BiH (The Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the legal follower of the Communist Party and the League of Communists).

In order to take revenge for the reveal of the unlawful and fraudulent activity by the mayor of the Tuzla Municipality and the vice president of the SDP BiH, Mr. Jasmin Imamović, and in order to prevent further presentation of the proof of anti-citizen activity, the SDP BiH, in cooperation with nationalist parties, and against the Law on the Principles of the Local Government in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, voted to change the Rules of the Functioning of the Tuzla Municipal Assembly, where the rule which was ensuring free presence of the citizens to the Assembly’s conference room has been nullified.

The SDP BiH has determined that the citizens have to request permission, at least three days before the Assembly’s sitting, for a presence in “any other room” but not to the Municipal Assembly’s conference room; which by the way has lots of unused space – sitting places, and in that “other room” they will follow the sitting on a monitor. If citizens are allowed to be in the room, they are frisked by a security agency for any recording devices. Therefore, the SDP BiH, using the budget funds of the citizens, pays the bouncers to use repressive measures, conduct the political terror over the citizens, physically stop them to record what happens at the sittings of the Assembly, and to present the public that the truth is only what the SDP BiH and their interest political satellites come up with and vote for.

The extreme totalitarianism, which is transforming into a tyranny and political terror, has been also characterized by the previous Decision made by the SDP BiH, which forbids the media direct and indirect broadcast of the Assembly’s sittings.

September 01st 2011