08.09.2011. – A public announcement





in order to present the proof of further radicalization of the activity of the Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina; which has transformed into an extremist non-democratic party since it came to power, and it has been precluding the activity of the opposition using uncivilized methods.

The Bosnian party is warning the international and domestic public about a significant radicalization of the activity of the SDP BiH (The Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the legal follower of the Communist Party and the League of Communists), which, as it came to power after the last elections, has turned into an extremist non-democratic party, and using uncivilized methods it has been precluding the activity of the opposition.

The proof of the totalitarian activity of the SDP BiH and its coalition subjects, besides the previously presented information on the ban on the radio and television broadcast of the legislative power sittings, and the prevention of citizens to participate the sittings, is also evident in the changes in the Rules of procedure of the Tuzla Municipal Assembly, by which the opposition activity is being made impossible.

The SDP BiH has determined that the chairman of the Assembly, who is from the SDP, can, on his/her own, decide whether a councilor’s speech is related to or not the agenda and deprive him/her of the right to speak. Since that decision was made after the disclosure of the illegal and fraudulent activity by the mayor of Tuzla and the vice president of the SDP BiH, Mr. Jasmin Imamović, it is clear that the repressive mechanism has been implemented to prevent further revealing of the unlawful activity by the elected and state officials.

If a councilor, who is for no reason deprived of his word, dares to continue speaking about the facts which the SDP BiH does not want to listen to, the chairman of the Assembly will order the expel from the sitting. If the SDP thinks the councilor is not obedient and does not leave the sitting on his own, the situation will be handled the way the SDP has determined, quote: ‘The chairman will order the team keeping the order in the conference room to expel the councilor from the minutes; and then he will give a break until the person is expelled.’ end of quote. So, the bouncers expelling opposition councilors will be paid from the budget funds of the citizens; the bouncers will beat up the councilors if they are not the yes-men of the ruling SDP BiH.

Every comment is redundant, because words can not describe the fascist neo-communism and totalitarian activity of the SDP BiH – typical of the tyrannical regimes, which will surely result in an unprecedented political terror.