15.09.2011. – A Public Announcement

Jasmin_Imamovic_1about the presentation of new evidence of the radicalization of the SDP BiH totalitarian activity and the total privatization of the Tuzla Municipality through the abuse of the office and the power, for the purpose of reprisal against the Bosnian party

After the BOSS – the Bosnian party presented the international and the domestic public the evidence about the radicalization of the totalitarian activity of the Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the breach of the basic principles of democracy; and after the vice-president of the SDP BiH and the mayor of the Tuzla Municipality – Mr. Jasmin Imamović unmasked himself by doing uncivilized and slanderous activities, there came a brutal reprisal against the BOSS.

The Tuzla Municipality has ordered that the office of the BOSS headquarters be free of all the personnel and stuff; and as a reason for the termination of the rent agreement they stated rental debt; even though in the notice, none allegedly unpaid bill had been stated – since all the bills had been paid entirely.

The brutal reprisal against the BOSS is an obvious evidence of the total privatization of the Tuzla Municipality by the ruling SDP BiH.

The vice-president of the SDP BiH and the Municipal mayor – Mr. Jasmin Imamović does not even hide anymore the pathological animosity towards the president of the BOSS – Mr. Mirnes Ajanović, and other members of the BOSS; and he is obviously ready for any abuse of the office and the power to try and inflict damage on the Bosnian party in order to revenge for the public disclosure of his illegal activities and the criminal complaints we have filed against him.

September 15th 2011